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“Our biggest year ever!”: Update from BC Unclaimed’s Executive Director, Sherry MacLennan

BC Unclaimed's had a busy start to 2024 after receiving a record-breaking $34 million in unclaimed funds in 2023.

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The power of your unclaimed money: how BC’s unclaimed funds are serving residents and supporting charities

Learn how unclaimed money is being used to benefit British Columbians while it’s waiting to be claimed.

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Daily Hive article highlights the $218 million of unclaimed funds listed in BC Unclaimed's database

Learn the latest unclaimed property stats from this article published May 12, 2024.

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Why is there so much unclaimed money in BC? What we’re doing to ensure it's claimed by the rightful owner.

At the time of writing this there’s approximately $218 million listed in BC Unclaimed’s database. So why is there so much money sitting unclaimed in BC?

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How does money become unclaimed? It’s not just forgetfulness!

Have you ever wondered how someone could forget about their money? This blog post explains why it's not as simple as just forgetting.

The moderator and panelists during the anniversary reception.

BC Unclaimed's 20th anniversary reception recap

On November 15, 2023, BC Unclaimed hosted a reception to celebrate our 20th anniversary, continue reading to learn more about this special event.

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Changes in BC credit unions: What you need to know about dormant accounts

Why these changes are happening, what it means for your forgotten accounts, and how you can make sure you're not missing out.

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The Cost of Living with Paul Haavardsrud discusses unclaimed money throughout Canada

Listen to December 3's episode to learn about the oldest unclaimed balance in Canada and to get inspiration about how to spend your unclaimed dollars.

Executive Director, Sherry MacLennan and BC Unclaimed team member stand by their table at the PAC in October 2023.

Reflections on BC Unclaimed’s attendance at the 2023 Provincial Advocate Training Conference

Learn about how BC Unclaimed is connecting with the advocate community to help get more money back into the hands of those who need it most.

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BC Unclaimed's Executive Director, Sherry MacLennan is Not Your Average Law Job's latest Happy Lawyer

Read about Sherry’s passion and priorities for reuniting British Columbians with their unclaimed money.

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Building a better experience through feedback: Our commitment to holders

Discover how BC Unclaimed values feedback and has been enhancing our services for holders of unclaimed funds.

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Handling deceased owners' funds with care: BC Unclaimed's process

In this blog post, we'll explain how BC Unclaimed deals with funds when the rightful owner has passed away, who can make a claim for the money, and what documentation is required to issue payment to the rightful owner’s estate.

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BC Unclaimed has launched a four-day work week pilot

The pilot will run until the end of February 2024 and aims to boost employee well-being, maintain or or improve service quality, and prioritize professional development.

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Safeguarding unclaimed funds: How BC Unclaimed protects rightful owners with evidence requirements

In this blog post, we'll explore how BC Unclaimed's evidence requirements ensure a secure process, verify the rightful owner's identity and provide peace of mind to claimants.

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Looking back on one year with BC Unclaimed

Sherry MacLennan reflects on her first year as BC Unclaimed's Executive Director and her goals for the organization's future

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Sherry MacLennan explains how to find unclaimed money on CTV Morning Live.

Do you have unclaimed money you're unaware of? Listen to BC Unclaimed Executive Director Sherry MacLennan explain how to find unclaimed money that you don't know about on CTV Morning Live.

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Listen to Sherry MacLennan on The Jill Bennett Show, 980 CKNW

Learn about the most common reasons money becomes unclaimed, how to claim your money, and the source of the largest claim in BC Unclaimed's twenty-year history.

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BC government proclaims May 15th as Unclaimed Property Day, recognizing the BC Unclaimed Property Society’s 20th anniversary

The BC government has issued a proclamation designating May 15 as Unclaimed Property Day

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Are you interested in working for an organization making a difference to British Columbians?

BC Unclaimed is currently looking for an experienced Administrator to join our team.

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$190 million sitting unclaimed in BC, Daily Hive's article highlights

Learn the latest unclaimed property stats from this article published May 3, 2023.

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BC Unclaimed welcomes Kate Hammer to board of directors

BC Unclaimed has appointed Kate Hammer, Vice President, Engagement, at Vancouver Foundation to its board of directors.

20th anniversary at BC Unclaimed

BC Unclaimed celebrates 20th anniversary, launches new website

BC Unclaimed is celebrating our 20th anniversary and introducing a whole new look and feel for the organization.

What are your business obligations for managing unclaimed accounts?

Dormant accounts can be a costly administrative burden. BC Unclaimed has served as a “lost and found” for unclaimed money in B.C. since 2003.

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BC Unclaimed welcomes new executive director

Sherry MacLennan has joined BC Unclaimed as the not-for-profit’s new Executive Director.

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Reflecting on more than a decade at BC Unclaimed

After more than a decade as Executive Director of the BC Unclaimed Property Society, Alena Levitz has accepted a new position.

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New Brunswick launches unclaimed property program

On January 1, 2022, New Brunswick became the fourth Canadian province to implement an unclaimed property program.

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Making an educated decision about unclaimed funds

Retired primary school teacher Sue Wallace was reunited with funds from an old credit union account.

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What the new federal government has planned for unclaimed assets

The government proposed to modernize the federal unclaimed assets regime and expand the scope of the program.

An international look at unclaimed property programs

BC Unclaimed’s Executive Director presented to the NAUPA conference on BC’s unclaimed property program.

Cover of 2020 Annual Report

$149 million sitting in dormant accounts in BC waiting to be claimed

There is now approximately $149 million in unclaimed money from dormant accounts in British Columbia looking for a home.

Cover of 2019 Annual Report

Unclaimed funds could provide needed financial relief for British Columbians impacted by COVID-19

There is now more than $164 million in forgotten funds in BC looking for the rightful owners.

Wall in the office of Vancouver Foundation

Dormant funds from BC Unclaimed directed to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Every year, a portion of dormant funds remitted to BC Unclaimed is transferred to Vancouver Foundation to be used for charitable purposes.

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An international perspective on using dormant assets to fund social programs

The Japanese government hosted the International Symposium on Utilizing Dormant Accounts for Social Issues.

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Found money for a fee? Protect yourself against unclaimed property scams

It’s estimated more than $20 million was lost last year in phishing scams.

More than $159 million sitting in dormant accounts in BC looking for a home

More than $159 million in unclaimed money is sitting in orphaned accounts in BC

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Claimant profile: Elusive unclaimed wages finds a home

Through BC Unclaimed, Lisa discovered a forgotten payroll cheque from UBC worth about $2500.

BC Unclaimed’s social philanthropy business model support the public good

Last year, BC Unclaimed transferred $2.8 million to Vancouver Foundation to support community programs.

Unclaimed property in BC tops $150 million – June 2018

Over the last four years, the amount of unclaimed property sitting in dormant accounts in British Columbia has increased by more than 50%.

Approximately $140 million in unclaimed funds sitting in dormant accounts in BC

Today, approximately $140 million in unclaimed funds are searchable in BC Unclaimed’s database.

The Canadian unclaimed property landscape

To date, only Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec have unclaimed property legislation.

Claimant Profile: A Win-Win from BC Unclaimed

Trevor O'Reilly discovered through BC Unclaimed that he had over $800 owing to him in vacation pay.

When is a dormant account officially designated as unclaimed property?

An account is deemed "unclaimed" after 6 months to 10 years, depending on the type.