Building a better experience through feedback: Our commitment to holders

October 4, 2023

At BC Unclaimed, we are always striving to provide better service to the public. In April, we launched a new website and rebranded to connect more effectively with people in British Columbia, making it simpler for them to reclaim their unclaimed funds. Since the launch, we've been listening to feedback and making small changes to improve the experience.

Our pledge to holders

We are committed to helping the organizations that transfer their dormant assets to us, as those contributions drive our work. These organizations, companies, government bodies, or individuals, are the "holders" of unclaimed funds. Many holders have a choice to turn these funds over to BC Unclaimed, and we're very grateful to those who do. By entrusting us with these funds, we can search for the rightful owners and support charities throughout BC. We want to make the process of sending these dormant assets to us as easy as possible, whether it's a voluntary choice or a mandatory task.

Improvements we've made for holders

We've already made some changes to our website. Now, our portal allows holders to upload more than just their spreadsheet. Many holders, like credit unions, courts, and real estate agencies, often mail accompanying documents with their submission of unclaimed funds. Now they can be securely uploaded through the website. In the past, mail was the only secure way to send these documents containing their client’s personal information. Another change made in response to feedback is enabling electronic transfers of funds instead of mailing a cheque. We believe these new features will save a lot of time (and money) for holders. Not only that, but it has already saved our staff time that was previously spent on trips to the bank and post office and standing at the scanner —which means we can commit more time searching for the owners of the unclaimed funds.

What's coming next?

We're not done improving yet. As we keep enhancing our website's features and look towards upgrading our database, we're focused on creating a faster, more responsive, and intuitive process for holders to submit their unclaimed funds. We want to make the experience of turning over dormant assets as smooth as possible, so holders will be encouraged to do it regularly in the future. To achieve this, we need to hear from the holders. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us at

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