Vancouver Foundation

Vancouver, BC

The Vancouver Foundation supports charities and not for profits throughout BC by investing and distributing donated funds. Their vision is to create healthy, vibrant, and livable communities by supporting projects that address the root causes of important issues.

The Vancouver Foundation grants money to initiatives that address important social and environmental issues including homelessness, racial inequality, and conservation. Other programs it funds build community through arts and culture projects or resources that increase food security. The Foundation supports Indigenous led initiatives to realize Indigenous priorities, some of which are supported with dormant assets, for example using traditional Syilx knowledge to manage water in the Okanagan.

Visit the Vancouver Foundation’s website to read about projects and organizations they have funded.

Since BC Unclaimed was founded, it has had a partner in the Vancouver Foundation. BC is the only region in North America that has a non-profit organization managing its unclaimed property program. BC Unclaimed was set up recognizing that unclaimed money could be managed in a way that supports charitable causes. BC Unclaimed invests unclaimed money in careful investments that return interest. Some unclaimed money will never be claimed, resulting in an accumulation of excess unclaimed funds. This allows for donations to the Vancouver Foundation.

How much does BC Unclaimed donate?

Each year, BC Unclaimed’s Board of Directors uses a calculation to determine how much can be donated to the Vancouver Foundation. Unclaimed funds never expire and are always available for rightful owners to claim. The calculation makes sure that there is always enough money left to fill future claims and operate BC Unclaimed.


Donated to the Vancouver Foundation in 2023

$59.737 million

Donated to the Vancouver Foundation since 2004

Donations support most pressing needs

Some donations made to the Vancouver Foundation have to be used for a certain cause or charity. BC Unclaimed’s donations to the Vancouver Foundation are given as “unrestricted funds”. This means that the Vancouver Foundation can choose how to use the funds. They can support the initiative or charity that has the most pressing need at that time. The Vancouver Foundation appreciates the freedom to be able to use our donations where they are needed most.