What drives us

Chilliwack, BC

We’re proud of the work we do at BC Unclaimed. It’s satisfying to return forgotten money to its rightful owners. The fact that our non-profit model for managing unclaimed money allows us to support charitable causes is an added bonus.

What inspires the work we do every day at BC Unclaimed? A positive set of values and strong leadership from our Executive and Board of Directors.

Principles that guide us


To provide an excellent level of service to individuals and organizations in British Columbia who are searching for or holding unclaimed property.

Mission statement

The BC Unclaimed Property Society reunites individuals with unclaimed money held by the Society while providing a centralized administration for the management of unclaimed property for organizations submitting unclaimed funds.

View our strategic plan to see how our Vision and Mission Statement translate into goals, outcomes and an operational plan.

Core Values


We ensure our work is conducted efficiently, in a timely, helpful and respectful way.


We commit to providing individuals, organizations and essential partners with relevant and accurate information.


We communicate broadly, in a number of ways to ensure that potential claimants and holders of unclaimed property know about the BC Unclaimed Property Society and the services we offer.


We handle personal information confidentially and protect the unclaimed property entrusted to us, by investing in a responsible manner.


We act with integrity and honesty; our decisions will be reasonable, transparent and fair.


We are a flexible organization that ensures optimal use of available resources and seeks continuous improvement.

Annual reports

See how our latest Annual Reports outline the work our values help us accomplish.

Service standards

BC Unclaimed aims to consistently provide a superior standard of service. We follow strict privacy policies while striving to reunite rightful owners with unclaimed funds as efficiently as possible.

Quality of service

  • Standard business hours for our office: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm.

  • Claims status:

    • The status of a claim can be viewed anytime through the BC Unclaimed website.

    • Claims are assessed in the order they are received. More complex claims usually require a longer time period to complete. Once a claim is finalized, payment is normally made within 14 business days.

BC Unclaimed will not disclose personal information or third-party personal information as defined by BC privacy legislation to potential rightful owners. Please refer to our Privacy policy.

Standards of proof

Verification a potential rightful owner must provide in order for a claim to be approved include the following:

  • Government-issued identification to verify the identity of the individual.

  • Supporting documentation proving legal ownership or entitlement to the property.

  • Where no documentation exists, BC Unclaimed may consider other sources that verify entitlement to a specific property on a case-by-case basis.


If you have a complaint about the service you received or the claims process, please contact our Manager, by phone (604 662-3518 ext. 326) or email (jill.davies@bcunclaimed.ca) and we will do our best to resolve your concern.

Disputes and appeals

If a claim is denied by BC Unclaimed, an appeal can be made to BC Unclaimed’s Board of Directors in accordance with S.5.1 of the Unclaimed Property Act. The appeal must be received in writing within 15 days of BC Unclaimed’s decision. The claimant must provide all supporting documentation proving they are the rightful owner when filing an appeal. Appeals will be reviewed by BC Unclaimed’s Board of Directors who will notify the claimant of their decision in writing within 30 days with a right of extension as required.