Daily Hive article highlights the $218 million of unclaimed funds listed in BC Unclaimed's database

May 14, 2024

The Daily Hive published an article featuring some of our updated stats from our 2023 Annual Report:

They say there’s no such thing as free money, but for one organization in BC, all they do is hand out cash.

BC Unclaimed takes care of forgotten, left-behind money while seeking to reunite people with unclaimed cash.

There’s even a free, searchable list of unclaimed property in the province, and you can search for your name on the list to see if there’s money being held in your name.

In total, there’s over $218 million waiting for British Columbians. The not-for-profit organization serves as a “lost and found” for unclaimed funds sitting in dormant accounts across British Columbia. 

Some examples of unclaimed property include dormant credit union accounts, insurance payments, money left after death without a will, outstanding real estate deposits, unclaimed wages, court payments, and overpayments to debt collectors.

Funds become unclaimed “when the lawful owner takes no action to access his or her account after a specified period, ranging from one to 10 years depending on the type of account and the holder,” according to BC Unclaimed.

Visit their website to read the full article.

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